HEAVY METAL SYMPHONY new cover reveal!

I am so excited to be revealing the shiny, brand new cover of Heavy Metal Symphony. As much as I loved the original cover, I did want a new one for this new iteration of the book, and once again I worked with my dear friend, Jennifer Hark-Hameister, on a cover that I love just as much as the first one. Without further ado, here it is!

If you remember the first cover, you’ll notice that we kept the fonts the same for the title. There are two reasons for that: 1) I think those two fonts are just perfect for the book and can’t imagine anything better, and 2) I liked the idea of having a through-line to the first published version of the book. Everything else, of course, is new, and I love it so much: the live music vibe (an almost must for the cover of this book!) and the way Ava is reaching out and firmly grabbing the mic, as if to say “You will hear me.” That’s basically the point of the book, after all!

You can check out more of Jennifer’s work here.

I hope you all love the new cover as much as I do! More updates to come, including preorder links and also a way you may be able to read an early copy of the book! Stay tuned for updates here on my website, on my Twitter or Instagram pages, or get them delivered right to your inbox by signing up for my newsletter. And in the meantime, make sure you add the book on Goodreads.


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